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The Dangers of Angels


Dear Pastor,

I sometimes ask archangels like Raphael to guide me; he gives me knowledge and brings healing when I need it. Lately I’m having negative angelic encounters. What’s happening?


A demonic presence has come through a spiritual door into your life, that’s what’s happening. While I’m sure most Christians have prayed to angels a time or two, the Bible specifically commands us not to do it. We are not to view the angelic hosts of heaven as approachable secretaries in God’s office who carry our requests to the boss. Jesus himself operates in that capacity according to Acts, chapter two. Angels are not equal to God in power since they were created by him…so we must not regard their majestic abilities as substitutes for the Lord’s intervention. Why would we seek the assistance of an angel when we are now able to run straight to the throne room of heaven, pass through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and make our appeals directly to God?

My friend, when you began seeking angelic attention instead of the Lord’s, you stepped over a sacred boundary. It is considered sinful to regard anything as a substitute for the Almighty. Unrepentant sin always opens doorways to hell—so unfortunately, you may have inadvertently invited a demonic entity into your world. I highly recommend you cease angelic solicitations and repent for what I’m sure was an innocent misunderstanding of how heaven works. Close that spiritual door immediately and cleanse your heart (and mind) from seeking angels instead of God.

Even the pillars of our faith…saints of old…have made mistakes concerning angels, by the way: “And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed me these things. But he said to me, ‘Do not do that. I am a fellow servant of yours and of your brethren the prophets and of those who heed the words of this book. Worship God.’” (Revelation 22:8, 9, NASB95) The Apostle John, the longest living Disciple whom Jesus loved, wrote that bit of scripture about himself. He recorded one of his missteps with an angelic host, I believe, as a warning and instruction to us.

It’s important to understand what angels do and who they are. You mentioned “Raphael.” Yes, it is true that he is listed as one of eight (or twelve, depending on your doctrine) of the known Archangels identified as Seraphim in the Bible. They oversee subordinate ranks of angels, each with specific realms of territory, areas of expertise and unique duties. Scripture reveals to us that angels serve the Lord in three general areas: they bring messages (Luke 1:19); they assist us in spiritual battles (2 Kings 6:16, 17); and they strengthen us (Mark 1:13; 1 Kings 19:5, 6.) A critical point, however, is that we must not solicit our fellow servants of God in the place of praying to God. When we pray in Christ’s name, sometimes he responds himself, or by the Holy Spirit. Other times God sends an angel. The bottom line: our priority must be to seek the Lord first, in accordance with the Bible’s mandate in Matthew 6:33.

Pursuing angelic engagement is often rooted in New Age theology, which unfortunately stems from witchcraft. “Spirit guides” are the counterfeit entities of the Holy Spirit. We do not need angelic guides because Jesus already set that spiritual guidance in active operation. We need only to ask the Holy Spirit and he will readily assist. When we work-around God, we are dangerously close to the practices of sorcery. People who claim to receive wisdom or prophecy from anything other than the Holy Spirit are not hearing from the Lord. They are embracing doctrines of demons meant to steal, kill and destroy the lives of innocent people. (John 10:10)

I’m so glad you wrote to me. When it comes to spiritual things, I realize there is a lot to know and understand. God in his mercy uses moments like this to teach us his ways and save us from Satan’s relentless deception. Go with God, seek only him and pursue the Bible’s teachings. They are never wrong.

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