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P.R.A.Y. for Salvation


Dear Pastor,

What is the best way to lead someone to Jesus?


What a fantastic and timely question! A famous, Christian songwriter once sang, “People need the Lord,” and that truth is ringing out like a gong. Americans are facing gale-force winds and roaring seas in every component of our nation: political, financial, educational, medical, and of course, spiritual. The causes of this multi-pronged, state of unrest are numerous and controversial. Yet one thing is for certain: people are seeking God, considering God and are more open to the idea of Christ as a result. That said, it is paramount that all Christians know what to do when someone who crosses your path suddenly realizes they need the Savior. Just yesterday I led a man in his late fifties to salvation in Jesus as we spoke on the phone. I cried all day over the joy and sorrow of that event. (He is dying of cancer.)

We are all in ministry. The Holy Spirit is prompting us to face our fears of evangelism and risk asking these hurting people, “Do you know Jesus?” God is counting on every believer to step-up and boldly volunteer the message of hope to anyone open to it. Yet before I explain this simple, step-by-step prayer for your evangelical confidence, I want to address our current state of affairs: Right now, Christians and patriots are down in the trenches waiting—waiting for God’s deliverance from a wicked, chaotic storm that is raging all around us.

John Paul Jackson, a gifted Christian leader, prophesied this storm in 2008. He explained what God had shown him about the season we are currently living through: the confluence of events; the releasing of a deadly plague; global situations; the political conditions and outcomes. Why was this message given? Because the Lord operates this way; by warning his beloved people about the future: “Certainly the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret plan to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7, NASB.) Why haven’t we heard about it before? Because most Christians do not believe in prophecy or have never been in a church where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are taught, emphasized and are free to function, which, by the way, was always God’s intention when he crafted faith. (1 Corinthians 14:1-3) You may view this hour-long video (51 minutes) on YouTube by searching for “The Coming Perfect Storm” by John Paul Jackson. It was re-released in 2016, but thankfully, the recording was made before his death. Be encouraged! There is much hope packed inside John’s word from the Lord as well.

Now, let us learn the prayer of salvation. Some call this the “Roman Road” since it stems from a listing of scriptures in the Apostle Paul’s Book of Romans. Most of us don’t have the academic, biblical background (or time) to sit with someone in a Bible study…and in my experience…salvation prayers are often urgent and must be easy to remember. Step one: interview the person receiving Christ. Do they understand who Jesus is, what he did and why he did it? Once this is established, lead them in “P.R.A.Y.” Praise. Repent. Ask. Yield. When they are comfortable verbalizing and following you as you pray, begin: “Lord, I praise you and thank you for loving me. Jesus, I repent for my sins and confess that I am a sinner in need of your cleansing blood. Lord, I ask you to come and live in my heart, soul, mind, spirit, intentions and emotions. I yield to your management of my life in every way. I choose you as my God, now and forever, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Many people have prayed this prayer and immediately experienced miracles, healings and peace. I’ve never seen anyone pray it without a precious flow of tears. Know this: the Holy Spirit is drawn to this prayer. He arrives through salvation in Jesus and brings new life—a born-again renewal to the person who prayed and now believes that Christ is the Son of God and Savior of the world. The story is still true. And the prayer still works. Every time.

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